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Heavy Duty Linear Thruster Slide

Submitted by: on April 16, 2011  

AGT Heavy Duty Linear Thruster Slide from AGI

AGT heavy duty linear thruster slide series are pneumatically powered by an external air cylinder guided by hardened shafts running on precision ball bearings. This linear thruster offers the highest load-carrying capabilities due to the dual endplate system. This serves two purposes, one the shafts are bolted together with the endplates making it a rigid box frame for less vibration, and the second the load is stopped by the end plates, not the air cylinders piston. AGT linear thruster slide is ideal for high-speed applications requiring durability, heavy loading, precise movement and accuracy in one package.

Three bore sizes: .75 inch, 1.125 inch, and 1.50 inch are offered with sensor and shock absorbers options. Stroke lengths are available from 1″ to 12″ incremental.
Position sensors can easily be added to the AGT to detect the end of travel positions of the travel.

The AGT Thrusters are used in many industrial applications, R&D, lab, production and from single direction to complex X-Y-Z motion. AGI pneumatic automation components are used in many Pick-N-Place applications and can handle small to large objects.

Important features and benefits:

  • Box frame construction with dual end plates bolted together
  • Load is stopped by end plates and not the air cylinder
  • Precision sealed ball bearings for heavy loading, precise movement
  • Floating piston shaft eliminates cylinder binding
  • Tooling plate is offset from the body allowing clearance between tooling plate and mounting surface
  • Slip fit dowel holes on body and tooling plate
  • Main body has tapped holes on side and on back for ease of mounting
  • Tooling plate has tapped/counter bored mounting holes
  • Optional Extend and retract shock absorbers and sensors
  • Replaceable air cylinder

Please contact AGI for further information.

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