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O-Ring Assembly Mechanism From AGI Aids Companies and Workers Alike

Submitted by: on May 20, 2008  

O-Ring Assembly Mechanism From AGI Aids Companies and Workers AlikeAGI releases new mechanized tools that automate the installation of a wide variety of O-Rings. O-Rings are utilized in many products, including medical devices and home appliances. This innovative technology can be employed by manufacturing plants servicing a range of industries. Two different products, both sophisticated dual motion gripper instruments, offer the capability to position and seal O-rings for completely-automated assembly lines and partially-automated single-station hand assists.

There are many advantages to automating traditional manual jobs: the most obvious of these relate to time and cost reduction. A partially-automated hand-assist station can increase the rate of O-Ring installation by at least three times. But that is just one of the many advantages of utilizing advanced robotics in this specialized function. According to AGI President, Peter Farkas, O-rings are easily damaged or twisted when mounted manually or with a three-prong device. But, “there is far less damage done to the O-Ring itself when installed by a 6 or 8 jaw gripper,” says Mr. Farkas. This is critical because damaged or incorrectly installed O-rings often result in a faulty product.

But cost reduction is just one of the many advantages of automating the O-Ring installation process, according to ergonomics experts. They have found that repeated-stress injuries are a primary cause of many ailments prevalent amongst manufacturing workers, including tendonitis and carpel tunnel syndrome. Many workers suffer severe pain and discomfort due to repeated-stress ailments. Both workers and their employers suffer financial losses when chronic pain keeps people away from work for short or extended periods. AGI’s O-ring installation tools help to curb worker injuries, and ultimately, boost the bottom line.

AGI’s has recently been able to make significant investments to their production plant, allowing them to deliver these new O-Ring Placement products to customers with little or no lead time. AGI can now offer their world-class automation technologies at even more competitive pricing than previously, making robotics technologies available to manufacturing plants of all sizes.

AGI’s O-Ring-Assembly Tools come in two sizes: the AGP-6-OR (which has six jaws) and the AGP-8-OR (which has eight). These pneumatic grippers can accommodate placement applications from 3 to 12 inch I.D. Both are designed to facilitate part ejection and part seating and are perfect for installations where an ejector is needed after the part is positioned, or when a seal needs to be placed down a long shaft.

Please contact AGI for further information.

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