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Bimba Releases EFP MultiPosition and EFQ MultiForce Cylinders

Submitted by: on March 17, 2008  

Bimba Releases EFP MultiPosition and EFQ MultiForce CylindersBimba Manufacturing announced this week the addition of the EFP MultiPosition and EFQ MultiForce cylinders to the EF product line.
The EFP Extruded Flat MultiPosition cylinder is a double–acting, single rod end cylinder that provides three positions in one cylinder package. This unit is designed to help simplify machine changeovers and save costs. By utilizing the existing EF footprint this two piston design saves space and eliminates the need for an additional cylinder.

The EFQ Extruded Flat MultiForce cylinder is a double-acting, single end rod cylinder that doubles the resultant force on extension. This cylinder features a two piston design that eliminates the need for higher pressure systems or unique configurations. And, to save air volume and operating costs, only one piston is pressurized on the return stroke.

Both cylinders share the same popular benefits of the EF product line, including PTFE impregnated hard anodized body for superior wear resistance and seal life. The EFP and EFQ are both easily interchangeable to other compact extruded cylinders of the same bore size and can easily connect and operate to an application’s pneumatic logic. For detailed specifications, performance, and ordering information, consult the EFQ/EFP catalog.

Please contact Bimba Manufacturing Co. for further information.

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