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Bimba Releases Its First Standard Electric Slides

Submitted by: on January 22, 2008  

Bimba Releases Its First Standard Electric SlidesBimba Manufacturing announced today the availability of Electric Ultran High Load slides, Bimba’s first standard electric models. The slides achieve a new level of performance with higher positioning accuracy, smoother operation, and facility for positioning control. With a footprint similar to the Bimba Ultran High Load pneumatic line, the products are perfect for addressing high moment loads, high side loads, and processes that require precision positioning like those found in packaging, material handling, and pick-and-place applications.

Models are available in two frames, 09 and 17, with DC motor, step motor, and no motor options in strokes up to 72 inches. The DC motor driven slides produce maximum thrusts from 5 to 168 pounds at maximum speeds from 16 to 40 inches per second. Step motor driven slides produce maximum thrusts from 12 to 200 pounds, at maximum speeds from 15 to 25 inches per second, for applications that require more accurate positioning.

Fine or Coarse frames are available. The Fine frame provides better than 0.010-inch position control, while the Coarse frame provides a more cost-effective solution when 0.100-inch position control is acceptable.

Ball and lead screws are also available. The lead screw provides the quietest operation and least end play, while the ball screw provides the highest efficiency and greatest load capacity. Standard options include stroke length adjustments, bumpers, a switch track, and a screw wiper to keep contamination out of the drive nut.

All Ultran High Load Electric models are covered by Bimba’s 3-year warranty, and are available 5 working days from receipt of order. For detailed performance, selection, and ordering information, consult Bimba’s 12-page UHLE catalog or contact Bimba.

Please contact Bimba Manufacturing Co. for further information.

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