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A Green Explosive Drilling Solution from AutoDrill

Submitted by: on January 20, 2009  

A Green Explosive Drilling Solution from AutoDrillAfter trying a number of methods that didn’t work, the Army used two AutoDrill 2100 series machines to successfully demilitarize over 40,000 rounds of obsolescent tank shells from the Vietnam era. The drills were used to remove pyrotechnic tracer material from the base of the projectile. The resulting inert material comprised several hundred tons of aluminum and steel which were then recycled.

AutoDrill offers free application and design assistance. Free CAD drawings are available for all their equipment.

Please contact AutoDrill for further information.

AutoDrill Self Feeding Drill Units

Submitted by: on April 30, 2001  

AutoDrillAutoDrill offers, for the manufacturing production industry, a fast and low cost method to drill holes.

The Series 2000 and Series 2100 Self-feeding Drill Units are designed to produce simultaneously one or many accurate holes in production parts. Cycle times faster than some CNC equipment are possible. Operations that are difficult to perform manually can be setup for automatic trouble free production. Much less operator training is required than other hole-making methods.

The built-in pneumatic cylinder is the secret to AutoDrill’s capabilities. Available in three stroke lengths, they handle most existing or new drilling operations. Many drills can be operated in parallel to give extremely short cycle times for gang hole drilling. An electric motor with an industrial duty HTD timing belt system completes the standard package. Options to integrate the drills into existing operations or apply PLC logic with the equipment are available.

Basic drilling projects, with relaxed depth and breakthru control, are easily handled with the economical Series 2000 drill family. Stroke rate control is adjusted by varying the pneumatic line pressure and flow rate. With greater than 400 pounds of thrust and its’ 150 inch-pound torque rating this small package is capable of considerable work.

The Series 2100 AutoDrill is used when clean hole breakthrough, improved roundness in thin sections, large holes or two-speed operation is desirable. It’s based upon the Series 2000 drill with the addition of a Hydro Speed feed control. Multiple stroke and Hydro Speed options make this the ideal choice for all-purpose automatic production drilling.

The 2000 & 2100 Series Drills are available from AutoDrill

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