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New Clamp Design from PHD for Consecutive Part Identification Stamping

New Clamp Design from PHD for Consecutive Part Identification StampingPHD announces the release of its new series PNC automatic numbering clamp. This pneumatically powered actuator uses high clamp forces to rapidly stamp consecutive characters into metal, plastic, or other components for part identification applications. The actuator features a rugged design, operates quietly in 0.5 seconds, and reduces downtime associated with changing or replacing characters.

The clampís unique numbering head features a lever actuating system that automatically indexes the head to the next digit each time the unit cycles. Six and nine wheel heads are available with standard 1/8 inch characters. Six wheels automatically index on both heads. The last three wheels are manually indexed on the nine wheel head. Zero suppression is standard, meaning that stamped numbers start at the number 1 instead of 000001.

Additional clamp benefits include:

  • Cost effective solution for stamping identification characters into parts or material.
  • High clamp force produces characters in draw quality steel at 70 psi [4.8 bar].
  • Includes lockout pin for safety during tooling changes.
  • Available with side, bayonet, or rear mounting for maximum flexibility.
  • Anvils are color coded by material thickness and require no adjustment.
  • Jaws and body contain locking threads. No adhesive thread locker is required.
  • Two hardened steel plates eliminate damage from panel impact.
  • Rugged design for millions of trouble-free cycles.
  • Fully field repairable in less than 20 minutes using only 3 metric hex wrenches.
  • Design provides a wide and deep throat to accommodate most applications.
  • Welding slag shield option protects internal mechanisms from flying sparks and debris.
  • Optional switches allow for open and close sensing.
  • Low cost of ownership
  • 24 hour delivery

    Please contact PHD for further information.

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