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Two New Fluid Power Pressure Switches from Norgren

Two New Fluid Power Pressure Switches from NorgrenNorgren has expanded its tried and tested range of pressure switches to include two new models. Designated as the 33E and the 33L the new devices have been developed to offer the maximum advantage in a wide variety of industrial applications that require pressure monitoring or pressure control.

Offering a vacuum and relative pressure rating of 0.5 to 8700 PSI the new 33L features a three colour LED display that is highly visible from a distance of 19ft. This ensures that the operator can easily detect critical conditions from long distances thus delivering advantage through maintained machine uptime The 33L features a self-diagnosis function to detect system errors thus allowing a higher degree of plant security. The electronic lock feature prevents unauthorized personnel from changing the set up and the keypad with three user friendly buttons delivers advantage through reduced set up times and easy programming. Featuring two transistor (or binary) output signals the 33L provides a switching output and a warning output that can also be programmed as an additional switching output thus delivering advantage through flexible user features.

The 33E is compact and robust in design thus delivering benefits to applications that suffer from space limitations and harsh operating environments. Representing an economical solution the 33E features a relative pressure range from 0 to 400 bar and delivers user versatility through the easy programming of switching points and the option of either thread or flange connections The 33E features one transistor (or binary) output signal and also has an electronic lock.

Both series are suitable for use with gaseous, liquid, aggressive and neutral fluids. The new pressure switch is extremely lightweight and offers 1,5% FS accuracy. With a minimum switching life of 50 million cycles the switching point and the reset points are adjustable between 0 to 100% of FS. The devices are shock proof to 25g, xyz, according to DIN EN 60068-2-27 and vibration proof to 10g, 5 to 500Hz, in line with DIN EN 60068-2-6.

Being free of lacquer impairing substances both devices features IP67 protection in accordance with DIN 40050 and are suitable for an ambient temperature of 4F to +176F. With a switching time of less than 10ms (33L) and 3ms (33E) and weighing only 0.13 pounds.

Please contact Norgren for further information.

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