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High-Speed, Advanced Servo-Pneumatic Control System from Enfield Technologies

High-Speed, Advanced Servo-Pneumatic Control System from Enfield TechnologiesEnfield Technologies is proud to announce the introduction of our LS high-speed, advanced servo-pneumatic control system that helps automation designers control position, pressure, force, flow or velocity in either open- or closed-loop applications. The LS System is compromised of a dedicated device controller and a 5-ported, 3-position, closed-center directional valve for a unique yet simple and easy-to-use package.

The systems’ multiple feedback design gives the designer more control over their applications. The device controller requires a minimum ± 12Vdc at 25 Watts or 1.0 Amp power source, and accepts a 4-20 mA, 0-10 Vdc or ±10Vdc command signal input from a variety of sources including PLCs and computers. Its convergent controller circuitry provides real-time command and feedback signal monitoring with a <100 msecond response time. It has active valve current feedback, which monitors the linear force motor’s position and immediately corrects external disturbances at the valve before the system sees them. It is rated for operating temperatures from –13OF to +187OF (-25OC to +85OC).

Optional sensor signal conditioners are available. The sensor signal conditioner provides amplification and linearization for either two individual or one differential low voltage level pressure or force sensors. For example, with differential pressure measurement an additional feedback path can be provided for those applications requiring more stability under varying load conditions. The command signal ramp conditioner modifies the characteristics of the command signal by changing the up and down slopes of the command signal for gradually opening and closing of the servo-valve. This allows the system to be tuned to avoid overshoot, and it is ideal for helping conserve energy (electricity and compressed air) by matching the servo-pneumatic control system to the mechanical system dynamics.

The servo-pneumatic valve uses a directly coupled linear force motor and lapped-spool-and-sleeve construction for fast, smooth, quiet, stiction-free operation. This patented design provides infinitely variable and truely linear proportionality with almost zero hysteresis. The valve’s response time from closed-center to fully open in either direction is 2.5 milliseconds, and it consumes less than 1 Amp to complete this operation. The valve is available in three sizes 10-32 UNF, 1/8” NPT and 1/4” NPT with a flow capacity up to 46 SCFM (985 Nl/m). The valves are capable of controlling pneumatic actuators up to 5” (125mm) bore. The LS System is rated for use with clean, dry, non-lubricated air or inert gases up from 28” Hg vacuum to 150 PSI (10bar), and ambient temperatures from –10OF to +115OF (-23OC to +46OC). The valve receives it command signal through a 3-pin pico M8 female, 24AWG cable.

While the system is designed for proportional pneumatic control it can be used in speed applications with a total cycle time of 5ms for a complete open and close of one port. That’s 4 to 7 times faster then the typical solenoid operated valve. Its trapezoidal command curve eliminates the end of stroke shock typically associated with high-speed … bang-bang … applications.

The LS System is being used in a wide variety of applications and is well suited for industrial automation, product testing and animation.

Please contact Enfield Technologies for further information.

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