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Next Generation Modular FRL from SMC: Improves Flow Rates, Easier Installation and Space Saving

Next Generation Modular FRL from SMC: Improves Flow Rates, Easier Installation and Space SavingSMC Corporation of America has announced the release of the next generation modular FRL series.

This new series of modular FRL products feature increased flow rates, larger bowl capacities, improved water removal and more precise pressure control. All of this in a more compact, easier to install package. Port sizes range from 10/32unf (M5x0.8) through 1 in NPT, metric (Rc) and G threads. Standard operating pressures are 0 to 145 psig with proof pressures of 215 psig.

Space savings and simplified installation are achieved through a new modular spacer design. The new spacer takes up roughly a third less space. Self-contained screws and gaskets allow for simple foolproof installation and maintenance.

The new filter design features 30% larger bowl capacities without changing the envelope size. A new baffle design increases water removal to over 90%. Automatic float drains are also now available on all sizes.

The new regulator design improves relief sensitivity from 14.5 psi to less than 5 psi while increasing its resistance to ozone. The design also incorporates a built in pressure gauge as a standard option.

The new lubricator design features a combination sight glass and graduated drip rate adjustment knob. This allows for simpler and more consistent setting of lubrication rates. Additionally, the bowl capacities have been increased by roughly 40% without changing envelope dimensions and the 1/8 and larger sizes can be filled under pressure for simplified maintenance.

Please contact SMC for further information.

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