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VS18/VS26 Valve Range from Norgren Combines Innovation and Flexibility

VS18/VS26 Valve Range from Norgren Combines Innovation and FlexibilityIn order to further enhance and strengthen its range of automation solutions, Norgren is launching a new range of plug in subbase valves. With flexibility and configurability at the heart of the design, the new innovative VS series delivers competitive advantage to OEMs who are looking to make specification decisions quickly and effectively, thus helping to reduce the all-important time to market. Recognising development time can be costly, Norgren has designed the VS series to offer engineering advantage through the wealth of features including high flow, long life and I/O capabilities.

The new VS series fulfils the requirements of a variety of markets such as packaging, paper and printing, materials handling, machine tools and the automotive industry. Designed and manufactured at Norgrenís Swiss facility, the system utilises proven valve technology to deliver long life and exceptional flow rates through two different spool technologies. The glandless spool and sleeve valve features high operational figures of 200 million cycles, whilst the soft seal spool valve delivers exceptionally high flow rates. This gives the customer the flexibility to select the appropriate spool for each application without the need to install a second valve system.

The VS series is also focused on delivering engineering advantage through its endurance and reliability figures. This focus translates to minimal maintenance for the machine user in the field and, if valves do need replacing, the system allows the user to make a changeover quickly and effectively with minimal interruption.

When it comes to fieldbus options the VS series has been developed to accommodate most of the industry-recognised protocols such as Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, Interbus-S, AS-interface and AB RIO. The subbase of the system integrates the required electronics thus delivering advantage because the valve island size is the same for fieldbus and multipole.

Available in 18mm or 26mm widths, the VS series features 3 different port options (ISOG, NPTF and built-in push-in-fittings) and features a valve interface according to ISO 15407-2. The VS series has been designed to be extremely robust and durable and is manufactured from the highest quality materials to handle harsh operating environments. Accommodating two-valve size ranges with flow rates from 550 to 650 l/min (18mm) and 1000 to 1350 l/min (26mm), the VS series features a wide variety of sandwich plate accessories such as pressure regulators, flow controls, single valve shut off plates and intermediate supply and exhaust modules. With IP65, NEMA 4, CE, ATEX and UL 429 approvals and two supply voltages (24V DC and 115V AC), the VS series is suitable for all markets.

Utilising the Norgren online valve island configurator, the machine builder simply defines a set of parameters such as number of valves needed and flow rate to satisfy individual specification requirements. Available in any combination from one to 16 valves OEMs can configure a solution to match individual specifications and if the system needs to evolve, once installed, the VS system can be configured in the field to match the changes. This flexibility delivers advantages to OEMs through minimum machine downtime and reduced modification times.

Please contact Norgren for further information.

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