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New LC8 AC Servo Motor Amplifier / Controller from SMC

New LC8 AC Servo Motor Amplifier / Controller from SMCSMC Corporation has announced the release of the LC8 AC servo motor controller. The LC8 is a servo amplifier / controller for the LJ, LG and LTF series actuators and provides high-level features at mid-level pricing.

Up to 7 LC8s can be slaved together for control from a single PLC, which can execute 117 steps that can command any or all of the actuators to move to a specific position, move a specific distance or apply a specific amount of torque. The position accuracy is 0.005 mm to 0.025 mm, depending on the feed screw lead of the actuator. There are also 5 palletizing steps that can use the same command from the PLC to move 2 axes sequentially through pallets of up to 10,000 rows by 10,000 columns. The simple method for configuring and running the palletizing features has been awarded a US patent.

The LC8 comes with easy to use human / machine interface software for configuring and testing the controllers. This HMI software includes features for 'teaching' positions by moving the actuators either manually or under power and all of the configuration data can be stored in files so that a setup for one machine can be easily duplicated on many others.

The LC8 is compact, 141 mm H x 75 mm W x 130 mm D, weighs less than 1 kg and is available for 100 - 115 VAC or 200 - 220 VAC power and either 50, 100 or 200 Watt motors.

Please contact SMC for further information.

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