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GD500 Series Long Stroke 3-jaw Grippers From Techno-Sommer

GD500 Series Long Stroke 3-jaw Grippers From Techno-Sommer Techno-Sommer introduces the GD500 series of long stroke 3-jaw grippers. This series of grippers features exceptionally long stroke in a very thin package to give you more of what you want and less of what you don't.

The smallest unit in the series features 30mm of stroke on each jaw in a gripper that is only 71mm thick. The other two members of this series feature 40 and 60 mm of stroke in a package that is 100mm thick. The unique piston drive cam mechanism allows the longer stroke in a smaller package. In addition to the longer stroke, the gripper is guided via an extra large T-slot guide, providing greater stability against moment loads and greater resistance to side loads. In addition, the grippers feature very high gripping forces for the small package size - 2480N (545 lbs) of closing force on the pneumatic versions and 12,400 N with the hydraulic versions.

The grippers all feature multiple standard air connections on the side and bottom for easier fixturing and the bottom connections may be used with a manifold plate for hose-less air connections.

Please contact Techno Sommer for further information.

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