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Air Filters, Air Regulators, and Lubricators

Air filters, air regulators, and lubricators are the components that protect and service all the other components in an air system. By specifying the correct air filters, air regulators, and lubricators, and properly maintaining them, the life of the other pneumatic components can be increased dramatically.

Air Filters   Manufacturers Directory

Pneumatic Filter Air filters are used to protect the components of a pneumatic system. Standard air filters contain an element rated to remove between 5 and 40 micron particles. Air filters also remove some of the liquid-state water within the air, but they should not be used as an air dryer.

Coalescing filters are also available from most filter manufacturers. These filters are rated down to 0.01 micron, and remove oil aerosols from the air.

Air Regulators   Manufacturers Directory

Pneumatic Regulator Air regulators simply control air pressure.

Standard units typically can control the pressure within several psi. Precision regulators are also available that keep the pressure within tighter margins.

Lubricators   Manufacturers Directory

Pneumatic Lubricators Lubricators provide point-of-use lubrication to the components of a Pneumatic system.

With standard lubricators, the effective range is only a few feet. Misting lubricators are available that extend the range to between 10 and 20 feet, depending on the system.

FRL's - Combination Units   Manufacturers Directory

FRL Combination Units Most manufacturers offer an FRL combination unit. The FRL combines the air filter, air regulator, and lubricator into one easy to mount unit.

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