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Air Cylinders

Air cylinders are used in applications ranging from crust breakers in the steel industry to wafer processing in the semiconductor industry. For this reason, manufacturers have developed many different styles of cylinders with many different operating characteristics, some of which are highlighted below.

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Stainless Steel Air Cylinders
Tie-Rod Air Cylinders
Rodless Air Cylinders
Compact Air Cylinders

Stainless Steel Air Cylinders   Manufacturers Directory

Stainless Steel Air Cylinder Stainless body air cylinders are sometimes referred to as "throwaway" cylinders, due to the fact that they are non-repairable. Generally these cylinders are the least expensive option.

These cylinders are available in both imperial and metric. The metric cylinders generally conform to the ISO 6342 standard. For the imperial cylinders, there is no official industry standard, but most manufacturers' cylinders are interchangeable.

Generally these cylinders have anodized aluminum heads, a stainless tube, and a stainless steel piston rod.

Tie-Rod Air Cylinders   Manufacturers Directory

Tie-Rod Air Cylinder "Tie-rod cylinder" is a generic term for an air cylinder with a square head and cap, and 4 bolts (tie-rods) holding the cylinder together.

There are 2 different standards that fall under the "tie-rod" category. The NFPA cylinder is the North American standard, ISO 6431 is the European standard.

Some companies also make tie-rod cylinders that do not conform to either standard.

Rodless Air Cylinders   Manufacturers Directory

Rodless Air Cylinder Rodless cylinders are a space-saving alternative to standard rod-style air cylinders.

There are several different styles of rodless cylinder:

  • Band Cylinders - the carriage rides along the length of the cylinder body. The carriage is connected to the piston through a slot along the top of the cylinder. This slot is sealed with stainless or plastic bands.
  • Cable Cylinders - the yoke is connected to the piston by 2 cables that run along the cylinder, around a pulley and into the end of the cylinder caps. Through the use of pulleys, the effective stroke of the cylinder can be doubled. Also by wrapping the cable around an external pulley, rotary motion can be created.
  • Magnetically-Coupled Cylinders - the carriage is connected to the piston through a strong magnet. This design does not allow contamination to enter the cylinder, but loading is limited by the strength of the magnet.

    Compact Air Cylinders   Manufacturers Directory

    Compact Air Cylinder Many manufacturers make a low-profile cylinder for applications where there is not enough space for a standard length cylinder.

    Generally, compact cylinders have very little tolerance for side-loading due to their design.

    There is no standard for the dimensions of compact cylinders, but just as in the stainless body cylinders, several manufacturers make an interchangeable design. -- Pneumatic Manufacturer Directory

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